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Top Flight Cadet Club - Six Bottle

The Wines. You'll receive one bottle of white wine and five bottles of red. Each shipment will contain ONE bottle each from SIX different wineries. This design allows you to sample the first newly discovered wine, and reorder the ones you prefer.

The Cost. The wines will range between $40-75 a bottle, offering a per shipment price of roughly $250-$300 each quarter.

Benefits. Receive notifications of new releases, wine additions to the web store and tasting notes from our panel.

Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are now offering office or home shipping. If you elect to ship your wine home, there are 2 conditions you must agree to:

  1. An adult over 21 will be required to sign for the package (Federal law prohibits alcohol from being left unattended).
  2. UPS charges us $20 for incomplete/incorrect addresses or any edits/updates to an address once shipped. We will need to pass these fees along to you if they occur.

The Top Flight Wine Club/WineSavage team

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