Wine savage

About Us

WineSavage started as a boutique service sourcing high-end, small-lot wines for individual collectors in Northern California. We’ve driven many miles through the wine regions on the West Coast searching high and low for these small producers. As many are too small to even have tasting rooms, they’re often hard to find and are only discovered through word of mouth.

Along the way, we discovered that many of these producers sell the majority of their wine within 50–100 miles of where it’s produced. There just isn’t enough to distribute to grocery stores, wine shops, and restaurants across the country. That’s great news if you live near a wine-producing region… but terrible news if you don’t!

We decided it was high time for a more level playing field. Consumers across the country should have access to these amazing small producers, hear their stories, and more importantly, drink their wine! WineSavage is here to fulfill that vision.